Survey 3 Overview

In the 3rd and final round of the modified Delphi process, all panel members were shown the results of the survey from round 2.

Panel members were then asked to read about 11 potential interventions on the CCAPG website, and vote on the following statement for each intervention using a 1-9 Likert scale with 1 = Strongly Disagree and 9 = Strongly Agree.

Do not offer the intervention unless it will help achieve the patient's treatment goal

These potential interventions were:

  1. In-hospital dialysis.

  2. Long-term dialysis catheter.

  3. Suprapubic urinary catheter.

  4. Temporary nasogastric feeding tube.

  5. Permanent feeding tube.

  6. Tracheotomy.

  7. Rectal fecal management system.

  8. Long-term venous catheter.

  9. Endoscopy.

  10. Spinal tap.

  11. Pulmonary artery catheter.